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The new 'styling-at-home' trends for 2020 are challenging and ‘green’ aware suggest experts Houzz

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

The new decade has arrived - and a period of pressure for housing in many respects. It looks like a tough selling period initially and a growth very very possibly in home extensions, renovations and in re-organisations too. This applies very much it seems on our beat Cheltenham and the Cotswolds as much as anywhere else UK-wide.

Mint reports a busy year ahead with numerous considered extension and renovation projects to tackle. We have re-launched our high profile ‘Extend Instead’ initiative for the year ahead. As we see it, news is that trends in focus at home will be challenging and very ‘green’ aware in terms of choices and styling of materials and finishes.

trends and nuances

We at Mint are admirers very much of the always original and often stylishly off-beat Houzz expertise when it comes to home inside and outside trends and nuances. There is, as we understand it likely to be some design and style eye-catchers making their mark in the early start-up stages of the new decade.


These trends were, we understand, compiled by using Houzz data from hundreds of home design photos, past articles and information from professional designers. It brings together a collection of materials, colours and other home design ideas that we can expect to see a lot more of in 2020.


With a community of millions of home-owners and home renovation and design professionals around the world, Houzz has insights into how people are renovating their homes.

So via the very informative we have been checking through some original trend information from Houzz team and they do make intriguing and quite tempting reading. Very much food for thought as we at Mint see it....check it all out here below:-

Colourful kitchens

With home-owners starting to step away from the safety of a monochrome palette, kitchens look set to become much more colourful in 2020. We’re increasingly seeing colourful kitchen photos uploaded to Houzz showing that home-owners are choosing cabinets in a range of cheerful shades, from blues and greens to heathery purples.

But it doesn’t stop there, surprisingly, one of the new search terms on Houzz this year was ‘yellow kitchen’; proving that home-owners are prepared to go bold with their colour choices. ‘Cream kitchen’ also made an appearance in the rising search terms list, marking a step away from the classic white kitchen.


Sustainability is becoming a more frequently requested feature by home-owners on Houzz, with 15% of renovators stating that ‘integrating green materials’ was a priority when completing renovations, according to Houzz research. The word ‘Eco’ also made it into the 2019 most searched for keywords on Houzz.


Many of the design fairs around the world this year saw designers rise to the challenge by experimenting with Eco materials, recyclable products and putting a big focus on the life cycle of a product, and this looks set to continue to build in 2020.

Black interiors

We’re seeing dark colours becoming more popular among the Houzz community, and this looks set to rise even further with searches for ‘dark’ and ‘black’ interiors appearing in the most popular list for the first time in 2019, with ‘black kitchen’ in particular increasing 46% year on year.

black bathroom

A surprising addition to the most popular search terms this year was ‘black bathroom’ which wasn’t in the charts at all in 2018. Some of the most popular photos at the end of 2019 back up this emerging trend, with images featuring black painted walls, black metal-framed screens and even black slate wall covering all finding their way onto the site.


With a rising interest in all things sustainable, we've noticed bamboo starting to trend as an Eco-material, cropping up in the most searched terms on Houzz for the first time this year, we’re also seeing more and more photos uploaded featuring this material.

renewable material

Technically a fast-growing grass, bamboo is a sturdy and renewable raw material that can be used for flooring, furniture and even woven into fabric. Professionals on Houzz flagged this trend earlier this year, and while this material isn't new, it's definitely enjoying a renewed interest going into 2020, thanks to its Eco-credentials.

Green schemes

Another trend coming through strongly is the colour green, with designers calling this the ‘must’ colour in design for 2020. This year we saw a rise in searches for ‘green kitchens’, increasing by 50% since 2018, along with searches for ‘green bedrooms’ and ‘green bathrooms’ which both made their way into the most popular list for the first time.

Statement-making bathrooms

With Houzz research finding that bathrooms were one of the most renovated rooms in the UK last year, it isn’t surprising that home-owners are upping the ante when it comes to updating them. Houzz are tapping into a desire for a bathing space home-owners can show off and, more importantly, retreat to for some quality relaxation time.

luxury finishes

Next year Houzz expects to see more luxury finishes, statement tiles and bold colours in bathrooms. For home-owners looking to make a bigger statement, we predict we will start seeing more pastel-coloured sanitary-ware, in soft pinks, greens and blues.

Navy bedrooms

‘Navy bedroom’ is a new search term that climbed into the most popular searches this year and looks set to lead in 2020. This possibly takes its cue from the trend for inky blue living rooms and kitchens of previous years, and gives a nod to the move away from Scandi-inspired minimalism and into darker and more atmospheric interiors.

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