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The ‘right’ new kitchen at the heart of your home extension

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

For sure, we at Mint appreciate that in many cases the need for a new kitchen is often at the heart of many extension projects. Of course, a state of the art, smart, re-furbed kitchen is the surest way to add value to many properties, particularly if they include an open-plan, fully integrated kitchen with other open plan ‘living’ areas linked and also, perhaps, an extra, first floor accommodation extension above.

Developing Kitchens on a budget that have a high-end feel at a competitive cost can be challenging to achieve. Spotted online from Real Homes are some worthwhile thoughts, ideas and guiding remarks as to how to achieve stylish kitchens with costs very much in mind. Their guide information also covers certain handmade design ideas.

budget kitchens

It’s quite right - as the Real Home experts say - that designing kitchens on a budget does indeed take a fair amount of skilled, attentive research and organisation. We, at Mint, have an excellent network with regards to kitchen planning and design and we are always on hand to guide and assist you if a swish, cost conscious kitchen is on your home improvement agenda in the future.


As the Real Homes experts suggest quite rightly - “when it comes to planning a new kitchen, there is often a huge gulf between budget and expectation” They, quite rightly, point out that any kitchen installation is, of course, made up of many smaller elements, aside from the obviously larger items such as cabinets and appliances. Be clear, it can be these ‘smaller’ kind of items, which as a project presses ahead, can roll together to produce quite an extensive eye-watering ‘swell’ to the total overall Kitchen project spend.


It’s all about carefully tracking EVERY aspect of the budget as you go along to avoid that stressful moment when you total the final ‘damage’ as the project ends. Having an eye to detailed pricing offerings is for sure very much an essential. Says the Real Homes team “to add to the confusion, ‘off the peg’ suppliers and bespoke manufacturers can offer similar-looking cabinets for wildly different prices (as much as £5,000 versus £50,000), which makes it difficult to know where to begin” - well quite!

best quality

The challenge is to try to get the best quality ‘gear’ for the ‘best’ price, and, as the RH team suggest, you should not necessarily be restricted to buying from budget brands in order to achieve a kitchen that still delivers style and user-friendly convenience. This link here will flag up some valuable guiding information - ultimate guide to planning and designing a kitchen ....nice!


Real Homes suggests, quite rightly, that it is feasible perhaps to consider spending a maximum of five per cent of the overall value of your house on a new kitchen to avoid losing money when you sell. At the lower end of the kitchen costing scale, expect to pay upwards of £3,000 for good quality units for an average sized kitchen. On top of this, you'll need to add worktops, appliances and fitting, which can vary from a few hundred pounds to more than £2,000, depending on the kitchen's complexity.

your kitchen project

All the above guidance has merit for sure and we at Mint would be pleased to discuss all the key requirements and specifics you may have with regards to any refurbishment, refit or kitchen extension project you have in mind for the Spring and Summer ahead.

pricing up

We can input and assist when it comes pricing up your kitchen ‘furniture’ and worktops.. For sure it is so often about a little informed ‘value comparison’. The most expensively priced ‘gear’ when it comes to kitchens we have found can often not necessarily be the best value!

known quantities

Real Homes suggests that when designing a kitchen on a budget, it is wise to first factor in the cost of any known quantities to help you build carefully the potential cost of your new kitchen. These include items such appliances, decorative finishes and necessary electrical works - extra sockets and lights, for example.

total budget

Deduct these from your total budget before choosing how much to spend on the units and their fitting. To design a kitchen on a budget, you could paint the kitchen cabinets yourself to save. If you need to budget even lower - check out the RH feature here on designing a kitchen for under £5,000 Yes - they say - it is do-able.... good luck!

negative effect

Bear in mind that fitting a cheap and cheerful kitchen can have a negative impact on a home's value, which means you’ll surely want to consider carefully and try the best you can to get your choice of cabinets and finishes right on the nail. Go here for further Real Home kitchen team ‘pointers’- cutting the cost of a new kitchen .


With reference to all the above, Real Homes point out that for a total budget of between £5,000 to £10,000, you may be surprised at the quality of cabinets you can afford. The majority of kitchens within this price bracket, will consist of flat-pack carcasses with doors mounted on to the front using hinges screwed into the chipboard. The units are generally all the same on the inside – although some are made sturdier than others with an 18mm frame – with the look dictated by the style and colour of doors and décor panels.

order online

The cheapest way of getting a kitchen with a solid wood finish could be to buy affordable off-the-shelf carcasses, from such as from Ikea, and then get a joiner to make solid wood door fronts. There’s a cunning plan! You can even order them online – try Superfront, which makes doors, handles and legs for Ikea frames, or Shaker Doors Oxford

Refurbishment, improvement and extensions of your home’s kitchen or anywhere else at home for that matter - Mint offers a full development and finishing service to add value to your home. We are here to help with any questions or concerns you may have. We have all the expert contacts on hand to help you.

Whatever your need, please request your quotation to improve, refurbish or extend your home . Contact Mint Builders on 01242 279739 or email

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