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This year it still seems to us to very much be ……Extend Now - Move Later ……

With various aspects of the property marketplace in these early stages of 2024 still appearing to be somewhat fluctuating and uncertain, we at Mint, are of a view that our ongoing promotion headline - Extend Now and Move Later - still remains something of a key message in the current overall outlook for the year ahead.

challenging home sale prices

As we see it, the housing market still remains challenging in so many quarters looking ahead beyond the early Spring of the current year.

Well considered..and feasible

Due to this overall uncertainty, and because of other telling elements within the property sale and the money trading operational business sectors, we feel - to a fair extent (pardon the pun etc) - that adding value, by considering an effective home project, surely still seems a fair, well-considered, feasible and balanced approach to coping with what seems to lie ahead reference property pricing and home sales potential from the middle of this year… and beyond.

increased price sale

A good home project will, we feel, if done right, enable many homeowners out there to add key essential sales price value to many types of property, thus enabling them to step more confidently into a hopefully, more positive and increased ‘price sale’ potential 'outlook' heading through into the Summer and Autumn of both this year..... and on into 2025 too.

added price value

It’s all opinion for debate for sure …but, it surely IS - as we see it - all about deciding what type and size of project looks the ‘best bet’ for your home at this time right now, in order to add that vital added sales price value later, essential when you are in a position to sell and go for a later on move in 2024 or early 2025.

So, reference this key ‘best bet’ projects issue - and the all important relating house sale trends to help ensure you CAN indeed add that vital added price value - our eye was caught by some telling thoughts on Home Extension trends for 2024 in the blog of the leading London architect, Extension Architecture …and a good informative, thought provoking ‘read’ it is indeed!

thoughts galore ....

Such a lot of information on all kinds of guidance to aid project performing home project trends… and more. There are thoughts galore to stir some positive ideas as you balance the key aspects ..of what’s needed … what might best earn best possible vital added sales value..... and, also, what the ‘in’ trends are in the project marketplace... both now and going forwards!

‘hot to trot’ expertise!

Go here - for a lot of ‘hot to trot’ expertise, thoughts and ideas to help with those testing home project choice decisions, to give you at least a fair chance of achieving home sale and buying success in 2024.

Top Extension ‘Trends’

With all that in mind then, it must be said that the Extension Architecture blog here… for sure offers bags of excellent info and thought provoking ideas reference Top Trends in Home Extension Design for 2024 …home extensions with flexibility and adaptability ….and much much more!

surely ‘a winner’

So, lots to review consider and debate. Enough said perhaps ….and all very much worth checking out. Good luck with your plans - whatever you decide is best for you to do during what we see as an Extend Now - Add value - Move Later type of year ahead …. Good luck with it all!

We at Mint Builders are, of course, here to help locally here in Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds with all kinds of questions and ideas and much practical advice too relating to your new home project and plans. We can assist with your 2024 home renovation priority planning and project organisation of all kinds.

Feel free to request our project planning and quotation visit to refurbish or extend your home for more energy saving ‘liveability’ and vital increased future protective money-making ‘added sales value’, never more vital perhaps than now. Contact Mint Builders on 07734 211958 or email

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