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Thoughts and ideas for a kitchen extension or renovation… for both style and ‘tip top’ added valu...

Updated: May 30, 2023

As most will be aware, when it comes to a new home extension, for maximum added value and best living effect, the top ‘at home’ extension choice, is more often or not… the kitchen. We at Mint, over the years, have certainly tended to carry out more new kitchen extensions than anything else. 

For sure, looking back over our many kitchen extensions, aspects of note worth recalling are the many different types, styles and finish of kitchens we have ‘produced’ over the years and also, the effect achieved not only with total replacement but, also via remodelling and updating a current kitchen too.  

Camille Dubuis-Welch of Real Homes offers some leading thoughts on the whole subject…read on ……..and a good ‘read’ it is!

the perfect kitchen

When remodelling is a project…that's - quite right and also fun, exciting, and incredibly rewarding. If you are lucky enough to be stripping out your existing cabinets and rebuilding your space from scratch, it is the chance to create a cooking space that works perfectly for you……

the function of your kitchen

With that in mind, explain the Real Homes experts, you should consider how you need your kitchen to function. What do you use your kitchen for most? Are you a keen host that requires a huge oven? Or do you not really like cooking, but you want your kitchen to be more of a social space? 

driving the ‘design’

It's these functions that should drive the design of your kitchen– from the layout to the storage, and from the appliances to the seating. There are so many kitchen ideas out there that it's easy to be bamboozled by choice, so having a primary goal for your space in mind is a good way to keep you on track……sound thoughts indeed!

defining space

David Mason, interior designer at The Knobs company says that when you begin thinking about your remodel, you want to start with the defining elements of the space, like kitchen cabinet ideas, to add more style and function that will last. 'The cabinets are the bones of a kitchen. If they're outdated, it's hard to change the overall look of a room. If possible, replace them all – it's usually less expensive than refacing or staining.'…. That is very much a key case … that’s for sure.

cabinet ‘update’

He adds, 'Along with updating your kitchen's appearance, new cabinets can increase its value. There is no replacement for real wood or natural materials. Even in a rental, people like the warmth and richness that wood gives. It's beautiful and has such high value in resale.'I also suggest that people buy cabinets from a manufacturer who uses the same wood on its stock and custom lines. That way, there won't be a colour or grain difference between new and old.'

what about texture

Also, to be noted …a kitchen without texture (even with the warmest of colours) can look a little cold and clinical. Simple, clean lines and sharp edges are all well and good for a calm and collected space, but there's a very fine line between simple… and perhaps plain or boring..the experts ponder.. 

use wood

Also, here’s a further point of note - One of the easiest ways to add some texture, depth, and interest to your space is by using wood.  The addition of exposed wood, and built-in pantry with matching wine shelves warms up the modern green kitchen instantly and creates a more relaxed and friendly feel.  

consider two-tone

When deciding on the colours of your kitchen cabinets, don't think that you only need to choose one. Two tone kitchens – using two contrasting colours for your walls cabinets and island, is a great way to break up the space and prevent the mass of cupboards from overpowering the room. It's a good idea to choose a darker colour and a lighter colour, rather than shades of a similar hue, so they can amplify, rather than fight against, one another.

learn to adapt

Lots of us have to deal with smaller kitchens, and, so, as the experts ponder, we must learn to adapt. ‘It's important to buy everything – from your appliances to your furniture to your lighting – in a size that works perfectly for your space. If your kitchen is especially small, chances are you won't need a massive oven to feed the five thousand, so save on cabinet space by choosing a smaller version….words of wisdom indeed! 

a white kitchen?

Although with the Real Homes team, there's no denying that white kitchen ideas are a great place to start when looking for design inspiration for your smaller space…. quite right!

design feature

Finally you  can be forgiven for thinking kitchen storage ideas are all about organising and tidying away pots and pans, ponder these battle hardened experts … but the experts suggest you can consider how your storage can become a ‘design’ feature in its own right too.  


They point out that the idea of specially styled wall-hung units, tucked away from any direct natural light is not ideal. This could create a dark and dingy corner, so they suggest and highlight how with glass inserts and internal lighting, the units can certainly act almost like an intriguing piece of art work, with an ambient ‘glow’ drawing attention to books, plants and ceramics on view there.


Check for much more from writer Camille Dubuis Welsh online at Real Homes ….and for useful visuals too…. …go here perhaps? ..enjoy!! …

We at Mint Builders are, of course, here to help locally with all kinds of questions and ideas relating to your new kitchen home extension or renovation….  We can assist as well with all priority planning and organisation of your extension for 2022.

Feel free to request our project planning and quotation visit to refurbish or extend your home for more energy saving ‘liveability’ and increased future sales value. Contact Mint Builders on 07734 211958 or email times.

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