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Thoughts and ideas to consider for your home's new side extension ......

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

We at Mint Builders have over the years developed various different kinds of extensions in Cheltenham and The Cotswolds. One of the most popular cost-effective extension choices for many – on site space permitting – is the side return style extension.

careful design

As has been featured on this blog previously, this extension with careful design and finishing, can make a real difference to a home offering more usable space in the form of an open plan kitchen with perhaps an always useful utility room.

organisation potential

For sure, this style of extension can make an impact to the overall 'organisation potential of a property. It is worth considering – very much so - and very importantly it can certainly add value to the price of your home, all important for that day when you eventually decide to 'move-on'.

the right flooring

A key first thought is that if you’ve gone for the 'open plan' look with your new side extension space, it’s often worth keeping all of the flooring the same. This is very much the way to go, as using the flooring that you have used for the rest of your downstairs space in your new extension, will surely create an effect of continuity and this will make the space feel bigger.

right light

Here on this blog we have often featured the role of the 'right light' in this kind of newly developed space. We understand at Mint Builders of course, that carefully sized and chosen ceiling windows in such an extension space are for sure a fantastic way of creating more light over both the new and also the neighbouring space it now adjoins.

let the light in

This applies, whether the 'skylight-type' windows are ready-made, such as say Velux windows - or are tailor-made specifically. Either way, such windows can let the light in to great effect throughout your new side extension. Doing this very much helps create an illusion that your new space is bigger and brighter and helps ensure you get the most out of what might be a very modestly sized side return extension.

widening the doorway

Another way to make the most of your side extension , is widening any doorway from the extension out into the garden. Doing this will make the room itself look bigger. Of course, a very much an ideal 'entry' door choice for the extension - subject to budget - are those 'in-vogue' bi-fold doors. Ideally, make sure you go for those with minimal frames, again helping create an overall lighter, more open, spacious effect throughout the whole new space and that 'old' adjacent area too.

the right décor

Another key decision in this kind of new more limited extension space is the décor and paint colour choices. Dark colours are not a good idea – most know that - it closes in the room of course. But, it doesn't have to be white either. You can consider pastel colours, which will help open up the room as well as adding a bit of character and that bit of all-important personal style. If you do have a bit of bold colour on your mind – use it on the cupboards say... and consider keeping the tiles white too perhaps.

on reflection

Its also true that the use of reflective surfaces can help to give this kind of new space a more open airy dimension. Reflective surfaces, the likes of glass tiles, shiny floors, high gloss paint and stainless steel appliances are worth a look. These are the kind of finishing touches within an extension that can really make your new space zing ......!!!

get the storage 'right'

Finally, if your side extension is relatively small in size, then another key factor to consider is your storage located within the extension. You need to go for sleek and uncluttered in terms of look. An answer to consider is to hide things away in smart cupboards and go for integrating the appliances - cooker, fridge etc - for a sleek and minimal finish to the overall extension room 'look'.


For sure there are plenty of ways that with a little consideration can really make the most of your small side-return extension, particularly if you’re thinking about using it as part of the creation of an overall bigger, open plan space. With thanks to

We at Mint Builders are here to help with any questions and ideas as to considered products to be used when you are ready to plan for your 2021 side home extension or other renovation. We have expert contacts on hand to help you gain the style, and look that you want and need in these unique times.

Please request your project planning and quotation visit to refurbish or extend your home for now and on into this uncertain future of ours. Contact Mint Builders on 07734 211958 or email

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