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Understand the ‘ins and outs’ of the latest Permitted Development rules for your home extension….

Updated: May 31, 2023

Recently on this blog, we have been highlighting the fact that there are now, it seems, more reasons than ever why a home extension or renovation - if you need more space - at home, is very much more worth considering in these tough financial times rather, than trying to cope right now with the pressures of a ’full on’ home move.

House prices have been revving up hard for many months and the growing cost of living crisis is looming larger and larger for many…..key reasons to stay put for, now surely?

more accessible

The other ‘plus’ very much worth noting is that extending or renovating at home is now easier and more accessible than ever to achieve. This is due to the new planning permission rules which have now eased a good deal when it comes to building an all-important extension for more space at home.

be aware

Having said what good news these new permitted development rights are, one must be very much aware that they do not herald a total ‘free for all’ for homeowners to do whatever suits them in terms of extending and improving at home with never a word of contact with the involved Local Authority. There are still certain qualifications and considerations to bear in mind … take note!

a little clarification

The new Permitted Development Rights are certainly good news, but the changes need to be understood in terms of their operational qualification and detail because in some circumstances, prior approval of the local authority planners could still very much be required reference certain aspects before a project can proceed. 


The thing is …Local authorities can still - to an extent - restrict Permitted Development rights either on an area-wide basis, or on an individual property, by way of a condition on a previous planning permission. If this is the case, the local authority, even so, has to be confident that it is reasonable to do this, and that it is not simply restricting rights when there is an opportunity to behave in such a way.

limitations be totally clear …yes, there ARE limitations on what you can build and there ARE still rules to follow, that is true - but homes can - we understand - be given a worthwhile transformation without planning permission… depending on the detail of the planned project!

avoid a problem

…. So take note ... avoid any problems and check below what COULD be constructed using the new latest Permitted Development rules. Avoid problems… and review the HOA listing here…….

1. Single storey side extensions of up to half the width of the original dwelling. These may also project beyond the original rear elevation by up to 8m (subject to prior approval).

2. Single storey extension(s) projecting up to 8m (subject to prior approval), or up to 4m without prior approval, from the original rear elevation of the dwelling.

3. Two storey extension(s) projecting up to 3m beyond the original rear elevation of the dwelling (not beyond the side).

4. A Dormer or other roof extensions, (subject to size limitations and relationship to a highway)

5. One additional storey above the principal part of a single storey house (subject to prior approval).

6. Up to two additional storeys above the main part of a two-storey house (subject to prior approval).

7. Single storey detached buildings within the environs of the home - (this usually equates to the domestic garden) to provide, for the likes of a gym, home office, games room, music, hobbies room, garden store, garage, swimming pool, even a home cinema.

Also, Permitted Development rights don’t limit you to a single improvement. So, as an example, a single storey extension may wrap around the side and part of the rear of the home, provided the maximum width of the extension is not more than half the width of the original house…. So, a check of these key ‘size figure-workings’ is for sure very much …a good idea!

planning portal

Note, that if you are unsure, you can also check out the Government’s Planning Portal for further reassurance on the rules so you can accurately and quickly discover which project – or part of your project – might indeed be allowed under Permitted Development rights and whether certain parts of it will still require planning permission. Good luck …and if in doubt… check it out…. ..this is surely the watchword! 

We at Mint Builders are, of course, here to help locally with all kinds of questions and ideas relating to all your new ‘added value’ home extension or renovation ….including the planning advantages now ‘in play’.

We are here to advise how you can best extend or renovate your home and so add value for a successful ‘later on’ home move in the future in order to beat the current rising home prices and cost of living financial pressures.

Feel free to request our project planning and quotation visit to discuss refurbishment or extension of your home for more enjoyable ‘liveability’ and increased future sales value. Contact Mint Builders on 07734 211958 or email

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