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What are the style colour and finish trends in 2020 for your home extension or renovation?

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

A little while ago on this blog - we highlighted - compliments of the always informed Real Homes team - some of the current ‘now’ interior fittings and finishes ,that you might want to consider if you are planning a new home extension or renovation for 2020.

The virus problems are certain to slow the housing market, which could perhaps mean that potentially more home-owners might consider a home extension or renovatio, instead of the home move they might have had in the back of their minds a short while ago.


As indicated here in this blog last time, it might well be said that the choices of interiors and fittings in a new home extension are perhaps as important, if not more so, than the 'nitty-gritty' of planning and building the shell of the extension you decide upon. For sure, the planning and build sets out the space and the basic under the skin aspects of the project, but the fittings and interior finishes create the large part of the living atmosphere presentation that you will hopefully come to enjoy day after day, week after week as the extension becomes a fully integrated part of your changed and extended ‘living at home’ experience.


What are the style colour and finish trends in 2020 for your home extension or renovation? in and what’s out!

With these thoughts in mind, as in the first part of the blog series we posted and with thanks again to the excellent Real Homes team, here is some further guiding information on the types and styles of interiors and finishes that will succeed in making your new extension living experience exactly what you always hoped it would be.

outdated trends

Of course, you will have your own ideas, but the Real Homes team can surely pinpoint possible ‘on trend’ options that will hopefully stimulate your interest and help you yourself develop further ideas of your own which is certainly a good approach to adopt. And remember as we also said before - Interior design trends don’t automatically become outdated at any given time. There are, as Real Homes indicates, enduring favourites or classic returners from years gone by - and there’s no problem with choosing them to make an appearance in your project’s finishing touches - that’s for sure!


So, first to consider is that 2020 trends aren't all about colour, as the Real Homes team say - “We are seeing texture increasingly being used to add interest to rooms too. A look that we are loving is layering up different textures in the same, or very similar colours. It's perfect if you are big on neutrals so need to find different ways to decorate your rooms without using too many colours.”

They also add that in a living room, cushions and blankets are an obvious way of doing this but in other rooms, try bringing in textures with plants (dried flowers are everywhere going into 2020) prints and well curated knick knack now there’s a thought.  Apparently certain traditional prints like Chintz is back and if you are not familiar with this, it is essentially a traditional pattern on a light background. So now you know!

the ‘concealed’ kitchen

We know lots of extension projects involve kitchens and the Real Homes team have been quick to highlight the 2020 trend of ‘Concealed Kitchens’ on which Real Homes offer this explanation.

You may have already had the ingenious idea to disguise a pantry behind an integrated cabinet door or integrate your fridge into a kitchen unit, but have you considered concealing your entire kitchen? That’s a thing now, and it’s becoming a huge design trend.”


The thing is that with living spaces getting smaller...say those Real Homes experts... and storage getting smarter, the clean, minimalist kitchen is getting increasingly popular. Items that once cluttered worktops – kettles, plug sockets, knife blocks, even taps and sinks – can now disappear into flush cabinets and uninterrupted surfaces to make the most of all space available.


As they suggest perfect for open plan kitchen diners or for small kitchen design, one can see the point - the concept is surely great for creating a totally very much in demand streamlined look in a contemporary kitchen.

The images - kitchen 1 (concealed) and just above (doors open) by Hub Kitchens.

trending lifestyles

To end on... The Real Homes team highlight a trending lifestyle 'swing' with trending interiors effect - it’s apparently all about staying in rather than going out and, they suggest this lifestyle scenario is being reflected in our homes. ‘We are increasingly looking to bars, restaurants and hotels for interior inspiration to create a relaxed, smart bar-like feel at home. Think ‘out-rooms’ in the garden and bar carts, cocktails chairs and plenty of neon signs indoors’.. Now is that a trend to inspire YOU? An interesting concept to embrace perhaps in your new extended home environment?

Refurbishment, improvement and extension of your home, including a 'room' in the garden, Mint offers a full development and finishing service to add value to your home for 2020. We are here to help with any questions or concerns you may have. We have all the expert contacts on hand to help you.

Whatever your need, please request your quotation to improve, refurbish or extend your home . Contact Mint Builders on 01242 279739or email

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