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Your 2020 Home Extension - more space....added value.... AND a modern-day lifestyle experience to...

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

It’s a fact that many UK homes, a good number of which were built a good few years ago, really don’t seem to match today’s contemporary lifestyles - a key example is, of course, the kitchen - older homes it was often quite small and tucked away, but today, people now like their kitchen to be the focal point of their homes and want a seamless transition between inside and outside spaces.

What this means is that if you are thinking of an extension to improve your home instead of moving in the current difficult housing climate, there can be some very important, quite testing, styling and planning decisions to make. These are the decisions that you really need to get right in order that your extension or renovation both improves and updates your way of living in your home and as well as adding value and space!

Extend Instead

This early extension ‘mind-planning’ is important and we at Mint are here to help if we can. We have now re-launched our highly successful ‘Extend Instead’ initiative to help all home-owners on our ‘beat’ in Cheltenham and the Cotswolds get their home extension and renovation Spring plans right on track for a successful rewarding project for 2020.

We have the expertise and experience to help you get your thoughts in order and ensure your extension plans are right on track for a new way of living as well as being appropriate and cost effective. This kind of considered thought will help ensure that your extension not only supplies the space and added value you seek, but also creates a home more in step with modern ‘today’ living requirement in as many ways as possible.

difficult problems

We at Mint have the contacts and guiding expertise to help you solve certain of these more difficult problems that you may be facing with your new extension plans. We would want to help you ensure that you win ‘all round’ with the changes you decide on for your extension or renovation project. We would try and see to it that you get more space; that you add more more value to your property AND also update the nature of the way you can live in your home for the future.

right ‘fit’

With the right home extension and interior design and the right advice, your new extension or renovation project will fit just right for you and yours and improve many aspects of the way you live in your home for the future. After a short while if you have got your planning and design and build delivery right, your new extension will seem like it has always been there.

early thought

The clever bit is early early thought - so if you can, you need to consider what your ideal outcome looks like right at the start even before you consider major issues such budgets and planning permissions.

The expert team at  has some further vital key pointers to consider such as - How the extension flows with your existing home; How much extra space you will create; What to do with the original space; How your new project will look and feel.

design approach

Also, they make clear that the basic style and design approach will help you create spacious, elegant results within your extended home, which will ensure THE key requirements are met - more space; more value and getting in step with today’s modern lifestyle ‘wants and needs’.


To end on, take note of further words of wisdom from the team reference design principles for home extension layouts.

1. Balance

Balance in a room creates harmony and comfort. By considering symmetry, your extension will look and feel like it has been put together by a professional.

You can either use: Symmetrical balance so each half of the room mirrors the other ;Asymmetrical balance where a more casual feel is achieved ;Radial symmetry where similar elements radiate out from a centre point A balanced room will feel stylish and well-designed.

2. Light

The feeling of light is by far the most important principle when dealing with home extension interior design. People are deeply affected by light, this may hark back to when our ancestors lived in caves, but we typically seek out homes that are bright and light. If lacking natural light, consider using strategically placed, tonal light bulbs to boost natural ambience.

3. Focal Point

Set a focal point to create interest and attention. A single point of interest such as fireplace, a flat screen TV or statement piece of furniture adds purpose and a sense of ease and familiarity.

4. Rhythm

The rhythm of a room is hard to define but looks impressive when you get it right. A specific colour and texture palette can help establish a rhythmic pattern and flow that encourages people to relax and enjoy spend time in the space. An unloved and underused extension is a waste of your money and resources.

5. Details

Attention to details adds the perfect finishing touch. Tonal colour palettes with pops of contrast and an array of sumptuous, textured fabrics enhance both design and impact. Taking time to make choose harmonious aesthetics will all be worth it when you achieve the desired result.

Refurbishment, improvement and extension of your home. Mint offers a full development and finishing service to add value to your home. We are here to help with any questions or concerns you may have. We have all the expert contacts on hand to help you.

Whatever your need, please request your quotation to improve, refurbish or extend your home . Contact Mint Builders on 01242 279739or email

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