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Your utility room – worth a little renovating?

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

It is a fact that quite often, when there is a kitchen re-planning and renovation going on, many home owners want to include that 'oh-so-useful' utility room too. A utility or laundry room needs to be big enough to do what it needs to do, but not take in too much space at the expense of the main kitchen or kitchen diner!

If any utility or laundry room is a bit short on space, it can quite often turn into a bit of a 'jumble hole ' and thus not be as functional and useful as it could be.

thought and planning

We at Mint appreciate and understand that it can be worth putting a bit of thought into the planning and presentation of this other 'smallest -room' in the house. Doing so, will to ensure it can work as well and effectively as the other more significant spaces around it.

highly functional AND attractive

If a utility/ laundry room is planned carefully and given a few 'brightening up' bits and bobs, it can for sure both be highly functional and be an attractive 'room' in its own right. The laundry “room” in a house we saw recently, was really just a bit of a closet concealed by a less than useful curtain, with an old washer/dryer blocking the way and a wobbly shelf or two. It was certainly proving to be something of 'a bugbear' to those striving to use it effectively.

‘get stacking’

It's a fact, as we see it that with a little bit of thought and a very modest investment – any utility ‘glory hole’ can take on something of a new 'persona' and 'look the business' The first step perhaps is to 'get stacking' and so get that all-important extra space for yourself from the very start!


Buying the right a pair of laundry machines will certainly allow them to be stacked using the vertical space in this limited area, space that would be wasted otherwise. This totally sorts out that unpleasant jammed up cluttered look and gets more vital space to hand for your storage and 'working' areas.


Then there are the walls - if you make a little bit of effort with something considered and attractive on the walls – just because it is small and functional doesn't mean - your utility space can win a little admiration in a modest way. The first thought of course is a just to slap some magnolia paint - but stop, for sure paint can clean up a wall and give it colour, but wallpaper takes things to another level


There's some great colourful designs in wallpaper that can make such a difference and after all the room in question is hardly large, so you won't need many rolls of it will you! Be bold – go for it ..something modern and slightly original and unusual – you'll be surprised at the effect .. nice!


Another key choice is a good-looking spacious all-purpose cabinet. This is a vital item, of course, in order to ensure that no-one, including those who live in the house, have to view a mound of detergent bottles, dryer sheets, stain sticks and other such paraphernalia should they glance in this ‘mini-space’. This cabinet ideally needs to be slightly different and more original in its styling. Do your best to avoid the average unexciting kitchen unit if you can!

single-base cabinet

Consider instead a single base cabinet that you can get from the likes of Ikea, one with bottom kick plates. In this case, it’s the top drawers for the laundry stuff and the bottom drawer for whatever you want to store there - dog food even - if you like! Of course, various types of cabinet will work. Ideally this item though needs to have a bit of style about it, and most important, of course, it must have all the planned space needed to take care of all that vital clutter in and around your utility room.

pine board

An attractive option, when it comes to a work top is to pass on the usual kitchen MDF type covering. In place of that, perhaps consider an old pine board that you might find at a salvage yard. This could be cut and stained and could serve as vital shelves as well as your worktop. There’s nothing sure to spruce up a space than a bit of ‘character’ wood. A nice contrast too, to the razzmatazz modern wallpaper choice and other more modern items on view.


For sure, in your mini space storage is all important and a little bit of ingenuity will create some ideal storage opportunities - a modest woven basket; a plastic of material type bin; glass jars..and so on.


A small space deserves an artistic touch too... in fact more so than a bigger space sometimes. Even if it’s just a small item if it’s considered and well-chosen, it will makes your utility mini space seemed polished, pulled together and styled-up a little. You might find just the thin tucked away somewhere - so often that is the case!

a couple more....

And finally ..a little greenery and a slightly quirky light fitting to finish off with - offer with a little more considered thought - a final two ways to brighten and 'finish' your revived mini-space. Be aware of the light access with your plant choice of course and go for a smart, slightly brash metallic light fitting for that little bit of glitzy pizazz creating a clean modern look.

There! .... a utility room which is stylish and functional... and not 'utilitarian' at all!

Always full of good ideas, Mint can help guide you with the right finish for your extended, renovated or re-furbished space, however large or small.

Refurbishment, improvement and extension, Mint offers a full development and finishing service to add value to your home and we're here to help with any questions or concerns you have.

Whatever your project plans, request your free no obligation meeting to improve, refurbish or extend your home . Contact Mint Builders on 01242 279739 or email

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